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Countee Cullen Elementary School • (773) 535-5375 • Roseland • 10650 S Eberhart Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60628

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  • Kohn is closing
  • Cullen is receiving students from Kohn
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Cullen's Demographics


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This school is not on a closing list

CPS utilization rate

This year, 245 students were enrolled at Cullen. However, CPS believes a total of 360 students should be enrolled at Cullen.

68% utilized by CPS calculations


To learn more about how CPS utilization calculations may not be accurate, see CPS Apples 2 Apples.

Source: CPS Space Utilization and Enrollment Data for School Year 2012-2013

CPS performance level

The Performance Level is the CPS indicator of school quality based on a formula that uses ISAT test scores and attendance rates. Level 1 indicates a school that has the highest scores on this metric, and Level 3 is the lowest.

  1. Level1
  2. Level2
  3. Level3

Level 1 is best

Source: Chicago Public Schools School Profile

What do we know about this school?

Does student performance improve over time?

The percent of students meeting or exceeding state standards on standardized tests is tracked for one group, or cohort, of students from grades 3—8. This shows how a specific set of students performed over time.

Source: IIRC Source

Is this school organized for improvement?

The University of Chicago identifies five basic elements of a successful school and rates each school based on the results of yearly student and teacher surveys.


Effective leaders No data available
Collaborative teachers No data available
Ambitious instruction Weak
Supportive environment Weak
Involved families No data available


Effective leaders No data available
Collaborative teachers No data available
Ambitious instruction Neutral
Supportive environment Neutral
Involved families No data available
  • Very strong
  • Strong
  • Neutral
  • Weak
  • Very weak
  • No data

Source: 5Essentials

How stable is the school?

The trends in probation status, mobility rate and enrollment, described below, help show how stable a school has been. It is more difficult to get a clear picture of a school if it is changing.

Probation status trend

Each year CPS evaluates schools to determine if they should be placed on probation and targeted for improvement measures. Schools on probation tend to have more leadership changes.

  1. No ‘96 ‘97
  2. No ‘97 ‘98
  3. No ‘98 ‘99
  4. No ‘99 ‘00
  5. No ‘00 ‘01
  6. No ‘01 ‘02
  7. No ‘02 ‘03
  8. No ‘03 ‘04
  9. No ‘04 ‘05
  10. No ‘05 ‘06
  11. No ‘06 ‘07
  12. No ‘07 ‘08
  13. Yes ‘08 ‘09
  14. Yes ‘09 ‘10
  15. Yes ‘10 ‘11
  16. Yes ‘11 ‘12
  17. Yes ‘12 ‘13
Mobility rate trend

When a school has a high mobility rate, it is more difficult to tell whether a school is making progress.

Enrollment trend

The number of students attending the school, taken on the 20th day of each school year. CPS will consider only the past three years of enrollment trends in their school closings decisions.

Source: Chicago Public Schools Performance Data

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